Gulmohar Days turns Four today!!

Hello everyone,

Its another Birthday! Gulmohar Days completes four wonderful years and I always take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you parents for having stood by us. As teachers, we have touched the lives of so many children and I feel truly humbled and blessed that you would put your children in our care.

Some children we have known over short holiday workshops, some have been with us for years and have celebrated birthdays and shared so many milestones with us. But each one of them has been special. Thank you parents for never making us feel as if we were just doing a “business”, you all have so generously shared your children’s successes, fears and achievements that we too felt so much a part of their journey.

The past year has been one of challenges! New programmes, new faculty, new benchmarks. With our Montessori Pre-school programme underway, I am happy to say that we have risen to the challenge and now offer the community a pre-school programme unlike any other in the city. We are deeply grateful to our ever helpful and appreciative parent community.  Your warmth and good wishes is our biggest motivation.

A big thank you to all the wonderful mentors and teachers who have been with us and contributed to some wonderful memories at Gulmohar Days. Thank you Dipalle Parmar, Philip Lazarus, Shreya Shah, Naina Pawar for some great holiday workshops.

I am so happy and proud that some of the teachers presently with us have once been parents who came in to enroll their child in an activity at our Center. I feel so much joy that they chose to be part of Gulmohar Days and wish to help and see it grow. Thank you Ashwini Muthukrishnan, Ranji Pillai, Devika Gugle Kanstiya, Arti Bhatnagar, Renu, Juee Deogaokar, Anubha Doshi, Sarah Kurien, Rinku Samtani and Komal Khilnani for being team Gulmohar!

But how can I not thank the people who are the very reason we exist……the wonderful children, our little busybodies who do craft,  dance, yoga,  reading and painting and all with such ease, our day-care kids who come in with new stories from school everyday, our little precious ones in the Montessori with their bright smiles, our budding poets and writers and artists who mesmerise us every week with their energy and ideas. We love you all and think about all of you even more than you can imagine! God bless each and everyone of you in all that you do!!

Looking forward to all the myriad experiences the coming year will bring!!

Nandini Nair