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“... to stir up life, but leave it free to develop.”- Dr. Maria Montessori
A Curriculum That Sets Them Free

Inspired and based on the methodology propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori, our curriculum caters not only to traditional Math and Language learning but covers science, geography, practical life and sensorial exercises as well.

The environment is simple, child-safe and encourages a natural sense of curiosity in the learner. Doing away with the traditional blackboards, table-chair structured approach, ignites a sense of openness and exploration. But while learning is a part of everything we do, fun is the more delightful part of it. Music, yoga and dance, craft, painting, stories and puppets, indoor and outdoor play form the base around which our yearly curriculum is built. On a typical day, children spend their mornings, sitting on personal floor mats, deeply absorbed with their “work”. We don’t have uniform regulations either.

An Environment That Enriches

Our school is built on a culture of care and sensitivity, of treating the child with respect and encouraging them to take decisions. We intend to seed a global perspective into each child in tiny and joyful ways. Each child is celebrated for the unique skills, individuality and spontaneity that they bring into our world; just as we celebrate festivals from all over the world with joy.