Art Experience: art class for kids ages 8 to 15 yrs

Hi everyone,

ART EXPERIENCE is a unique enquiry based learning programme designed to nurture the child’s creativity through carefully guided modules to arrive at a fine balance between technique, skill and self expression.

The course is designed for children ages 8 to 15 years and will impart skills in the following techniques:

  1. Drawing & Painting
  2. Pencil Shading
  3. Charcoal drawing
  4. Conte Chalk
  5. Oil pastels and dry pastels
  6. colour pencil shading
  7. acrylic painting on paper and canvas
  8. oil painting on canvas

Sessions held every Friday 4.30 to 6.30 pm. New Session starts this Friday, the 10th of June 2011.

The course will cover the following modules:

  1. Contour drawing
  2. Life drawing
  3. Still life or object drawing
  4. nature drawing(art of Botanicals)
  5. composition & Colour
  6. Abstract painting
  7. Landscape painting
  8. Art Of Impressionism and Cubism

Participants will also be exposed to the works of Great masters of art such as Vangogh, Monet, Picasso, Cezanne, Paul Klee, Renoir, O’Kefee, and many others with glimpses into their life, work and inspiration. Through the course participants will create a number of works on paper and canvas.

No prior art experience is required, just an open mind and the willingness to explore and learn.
For any further info on this course, please email gulmohardays@gmail.com