No! No! Christmas is not Santa’s Birthday!

“So who was born on Christmas Day? ” I cheerily asked a bunch of kids as we settled down to a cosy chat a few evenings ago.

“It’s Santa’s birthday!” came the chorus. I was at first amused and laughed and got down to the real story but soon realised the kids were mighty disappointed that Santa was not born on Christmas Day.

Can’t blame them, can we? Because that’s all most of us do on Christmas. Ask the kids to behave well so that Santa would bring them their gift, put out the Tree, keep gifts under it and sing Jingle Bells with all our hearts with the cheery vision of a portly old man dressed in red sliding down a chimney!

Gulmohar Days is pleased to invite you to “The Real Christmas”: an afternoon of Christmas fun and cheer on The 19th of December 2009. Of course we have the Christmas tree and the lights and holly and singing, but this time we are giving Santa a miss!

Instead, we proudly present an enactment of the “Nativity” by the youth wing of the PFCC, a truly vibrant group of youngsters who readily agreed to play out the birth of Jesus Christ for the benefit of our kids. So join us for some fun games, some good old carol singing, watch the play and feast on some goodies as we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

Date: Saturday, 19th December, 2009
Time: 3.15 pm to 4.45 pm
Venue: Gulmohar Days Library
Entry:Library Members: Free
Non-Members: Rs. 70 per child
Dress Code: Red or Green

A small request to parents: If your child would like to be part of the celebrations please register his/her name with us as soon as possible and latest by the 16th of December. This applies to The Library members as well. Thanking you all for your continued support and encouragement!