Children’s Day !

We had a busy and colourful weekend at Gulmohar Days.

Special congratulations to all the kids who put up their projects and made their wonderful presentations. From the exquisite collection of coins and currencies, the beauty of Sri Lanka, volcanoes that spewed lava, an explanation on earth and seasons, experiments on sound waves and photosynthesis, windmills and a challenging on-the-spot quiz, not to forget the wonderful short film on the environment theme….the Gulmohar Days library kids put up a grand show indeed! It was equally heart warming to see moms and dads come out in full force to enjoy the day’s event.

As organisers, what we cherished most was how each child put in his best and performed with enthusiasm in spite of the fact that there was no prize or reward promised to the kids. We hope the experience has helped each child view himself/herself with greater confidence. Do enjoy the pictures !