Gulmohar Days

The blossoms of the Gulmohar tree always enthrall me with their majesty. The striking red and orange flowers seem boldly joyous; almost as if to say nothing can tarnish their beauty and splendour.

Children are like that too. Their zest and energy never fails to amaze. No amount of homework, grueling exams, competition, strict parents, even stricter teachers, and tuitions can take away from their inherent joy and beauty.

Gulmohar Days celebrates this spirit. Every programme undertaken by Gulmohar Days is an attempt to enhance the experience of childhood. Children are encouraged to think freely, ask questions, imagine, write, experiment, create, and be proud of every little achievement in the process.

Childhood is perhaps the shortest but one of life’s most beautiful seasons. It is that fragile and precious time when every single experience becomes fodder for the future. Join us as we celebrate the Gulmohar Days of life!!

Nandini Nair