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Dear Parents,

We have had a fabulous 2 weeks with the kids who were part of our science and GK workshop. I am sure they must have come and chatted with you all about the numerous new things they have learnt.  From volcanoes that erupted with vinegar and soda, to insects with compound eyes to their favourite new word “Archipelago”, it was all in all a fun workshop. Most heartwarming was their interest in building their own world maps. I hope all their efforts now decorate soft boards and fridge doors at home!!
We look forward to hearing from you. Is there something your child particularly enjoyed? Anything we should include the next time around? Please do write in to us. Your feedback is valuable and will shape future programmes. For the many who could not enroll this time, we promise to do another one in December. Enjoy the pictures below that capture your darlings in action.

Those of you who are part of our Craft Workshop, see you next week. There will be no more summer camps for this age group in the month of May. All our efforts are now on launching our Montessori pre-school programme from June. Wish us luck!!

Painting his Volcano made of Plaster of Paris

Are we as tall as the skeleton?

Hard at work, tracing out the continents

Its okay if we want to relax as we work!

Food Pyramid and a cookery lesson!!

We made our very own World Map!!

Making new Friends!

Learning about Natural Disasters

Things that dissolve!!

Islands, lakes, Isthmus, strait…the list goes on!

So can you spot the Archipelago? Your child can!!

Building the Skeleton! learning how to work in a group.


Hi everyone,

We have had a fabulous April with all our workshops running full and the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Looking to close enrollments for the Art workshop called Timeless Tales to be held in May as part of Summer Sparkle 2011. Please find details below:

Workshop: Timeless Tales ( Art Workshop)

Description: A unique workshop that combines art techniques with a reading of classics by Hans Christian Anderson and Oscar Wilde. The reading of each story would be followed by a session that requires each child to come up with with a piece of art using mixed media. Collage techniques, painting, gluing etc will be taught and encouraged. Each Child will therefore have 2 complete artworks to take home at the end of the 4 day workshop.

Dates: May 16, 17, 18, 19

Timings: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Material such as paints, paper, glue etc would be provided.. Would be great if the kids could bring in their own brushes.

Last Date to register: Enrollments close this Saturday, the 23rd of April. We can accommodate only a total of 12 kids in the group. Please send us an email on or call us on 9890530248 to register.